Electric sports car goes 0-60 in 4.5 seconds

This is the Venturi Fetish.  It boasts 0 to 60 in under 4.5 seconds.  Hopefully that’s enough to make up for the $364,000 cost to own it.  — Whoa!

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Adam Sandler’s “Piece of Sh_t Car” song + photo mashup [VIDEO]

Hilarious! Adam Sandler’s famous “Piece of sh_t car” set to still photos of some the world’s worst autos ever.  Definitely a favorite video…but beware the colorful language.

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Amazing & Scary — Crossing the street in India [VIDEO]

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TXTing on a bike on the freeway [VIDEO]

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Why would you do this to your bike? (involves fire)

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Monster Truck Jumps Over Boeing 727 [VIDEO]

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Silly Turkey Day Video Collection

‘Cant Stuff This’, MC Hammer Turkey!

Turkey sings ‘I Will Survive’ by Donna Summers (What would Donna say?!)

Queen – ‘We Will, We Will Eat You’

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More Turkey Fun!

Tom the Wild Turkey chases trucks

Why do turkeys like to chase vehicles?

Turkeys after the paramedics

“When turkeys attack…”

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Featured Clunker: The Black Box

Year, make & model: 1995 Honda Civic EX

The story:
Bought this car right out of high school. It’s a hot little Civic, in more ways that one.

To start, there’s NO AC. I don’t mean it doesn’t work, I mean NO AC; it was built without it–and I was dumb enough to buy it. Perhaps in some states that’d be okay but not in southern Cali.


  • CD player & half of my radio stations.
  • Driver’s window doesn’t roll down.
  • No AC means that one window is a BIG deal.
  • Cruise control is dead.
  • Moonroof doesn’t open but leaks nicely.
  • The alarm goes off when a airplane flies overhead.
  • Windshield wipers randomly decide to come on whether it’s raining or not.
  • Rear-passenger side seat upholstery destroyed from a car battery leaking in it.
  • And the brake master cylinder is capped with some plastic wrap.
  • Still runs good though! =)

The Owner

Name: Joshua
Located in: San Diego, CA

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